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An integrated approach to reporting and collaboration

Visualize your Atlassian data through custom Jira and Confluence dashboards and charts.

Dashboard Hub
Reports & Charts for Jira and Confluence

Take team reporting, transparency and productivity to the next level

Dashboard Hub visualizes real-time data across multiple tools into one central dashboard in Jira and Confluence. Display pre-defined templates, custom charts and +60 gadgets to report your ITSM, DevOps and Agile metrics across the Atlassian ecosystem.

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A central data hub for reporting

Integrate all your Atlassian suite: Jira, Statuspage, Opsgenie, Insight, Confluence Bitbucket and soon: GitHub, ServiceNow, Freshdesk

Powerful custom charts for all your data needs

Create customizable charts with line charts, bar charts, pie charts, tile charts and tables. Customize colors, access aggregations to calculate sums, min or max values, average, etc.

Pre-defined dashboard templates

Access pre-defined dashboard templates and more than 60 gadgets to create dashboards for ITSM, Agile or DevOps teams.
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External sharing of charts and reports

Quickly share charts and reports with external stakeholders through secure and unique links without providing access to your instance.

Visualization & Reporting Tools for:




Customer Insights

Management Reports


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The story behind

RoninPixels is a group of software engineers, who started working in the Atlassian ecosystem in 2013 and together in 2015. With a focus on making data visual, accessible and customizable RoninPixels are passionate about empowering better collaboration, productivity and focus between teams.