About Us

This is our way. This is our code.

We help teams to be more productive.

Who We Are

RoninPixels is a group of software engineers, who started working in the Atlassian ecosystem in 2013 and together in 2015. With a focus on making data visual, accessible and customizable RoninPixels are passionate about empowering better collaboration, productivity and focus between teams.

With a multi-talented team spread across the world, RoninPixels adds more intelligence to your data so you can have an optimal experience of the Atlassian suite and complimentary software products.

We believe data becomes more valuable when it's easy to access. That's why we focus on easy visualization and management of one your most precious assets.

Our Team


Iñigo began playing with computers from age 9, after inheriting his uncle’s spectrum ZX. From that moment on, Iñigo knew he would be working with computers for the rest of his life.

His interest developed by learning Visual Basic at school, getting a Computer Science Engineering degree then working with a wide range of products spanning from cloud, health services and robots.

Computers are only one of his technical passions, Iñigo also loves video games. Specifically sagas like God of War, Uncharted or Assassins Creed. He just started playing Ghost of Tsushima – on a PlayStation of course 🎮

In his spare time Iñigo is a sport enthusiast with a love for CrossFit, biking and a constant longing for winter to go snowboarding.

Prior to RoninPixels Iñigo and Co-founder Gorka initially worked together at Comalatech (an Atlassian Marketplace top vendor)where he took over the technical leadership in the cloud products and Gorka worked as the head of product. Four years later, he had the opportunity to work as CTO of a blockchain company before returning to contribute his knowledge and skills to build awesome Atlassian apps.

His Motto

Hadouken / 波動拳 “Legendary Street Fighter’s energy attack”

Iñigo Gonzalez

Cloud Ronin

Senior Software Engineer

Location: Bilbao, Spain

Twitter: haas85

LinkedIn: inigogonzalez

Drink of choice: Beer

Sports: CrossFit, biking, snowboarding

Games: God of War, Assassins creed


Javi started programming his old Dragon32K and Amstrad CPC in the 1980’s, when he was just a child. With a fascination for building things, he immersed himself in learning and replicating programs he read in books.

In his 20s, after gaining a Computer Science Engineering degree, Javi started to build software products that broke technical barriers in order to deliver worthwhile software solutions for customers.

During these years, he worked as a consultant to help businesses solve their problems as well as designing products from scratch and architecting big cloud services and refactoring processes.

He met Gorka and Iñigo at Comalatech where he worked as a Software Engineer gaining expertize in the Atlassian ecosystem.

Javier enjoys cooking and eating (mainly), video games, hiking and living a semi nomadic life (currently residing in Chile).

His Motto

Hansei / 反省 “acknowledge my own mistakes and pledge improvement”

Javier Coira

Software Ronin

Senior Software Engineer

Location: Santiago, Chile

Twitter: fjcoira

LinkedIn: fjcoira

Drink of choice: Wine & Beer

Sports: Hiking

Games: Sonic, Zelda, Mario, Streets of Rage, …


Gorka’s story doesn’t start with programming. Instead, when he was a kid he preferred MS-DOS to play Gorillas (for nostalgics) then moving on to adventure games such as Monkey Island, Loom and Indiana Jones. His initial focus was more on fun rather than programming.

Then thanks to some inspiration from some high school friends, Gorka obtained a Computer Science Engineering degree and loved every minute of it. He started his work experience in Edinburgh, Scotland working in home automation before beginning his Ph.D. in Web Information Systems. Gorka’s research was focused on model-driven engineering, Web2.0, knowledge management (especially wikis) and recommendation systems.

Wanting to put his research into practice, Gorka founded Keinoby and launched three apps for Confluence. After being acquired by Comalatech (an Atlassian Marketplace top vendor), Gorka worked as head of product within his new extended team alongside current RoninPixel team members Iñigo and Javier. Before co-founding RoninPixels, both Gorka and Javier worked on a recruiting platform – which was acquired after just 1.5 years.

When he’s not working, Gorka enjoys good craft beers, visiting new restaurants, practising Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and wrestling 🤼 He also participates in a project to promote the use of medical cannabis.

And we cannot forget about Indi, Sheldon and Eder, his three rescued cats 😻

His Motto

Kakugo / 覚悟 “Be mentally prepared for what’s still to come”

Gorka Puente

Product Ronin

Product Manager

Location: Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

Twitter: gorkapuente

LinkedIn: gorkapuente

Drink of choice: Craft beer, wine & coffee

Sports: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, snowboarding

Games: Monkey Island, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (89)

Animals: Three rescue cats


Toshi studied Administration Engineering and a Marketing Management High-tech MBA at the University of Colorado, Boulder (USA). There he learnt about hight-tech IT marketing, digital marketing, product management, engineering economics and safety critical management among others. He also enjoyed playing and coaching American football.

Toshi has spent more than 25 years creating global business, and during the past 20 years, he left a trail in the Automotive, Aviation and IT (Atlassian, Network Monitoring) related world. He spent more than six years as the general manager of Go2Group Japan, which is the subsidiary in Japan of one of the biggest Atlassian partners in the USA.

Toshi met Gorka in 2014 and now they have the opportunity to work together. Toshi is an expert in business development and sales, bringing his expertise and entrepreneurial mind to RoninPixels to capture the client requirements and turn them into efficient solutions. As our Business Development Manager he takes strategical actions in channel development and management, while building a global business network.

In his spare time he loves playing Monster Hunter with his daughter

His Motto

Ichigo Ichie / 一期一会 “Treasure every meeting, for it will never recur.”

Toshi Sugiyama

Business Development Ronin

Business Development Manager

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Twitter: TOSHIandLUKE

LinkedIn: toshi-j-sugiyama

Email: toshi.sugiyama

Teléfono: +81 90 3141 7571

Drink of choice: Wine

Sports: Football (American), coach at Club team, motorcycle

Games: Monster Hunter

Hobbies: Italian music Semi-Professional “Popera” singer: Tenor

Animals: A lovely dog

Why RoninPixels?

Ronin. Samurais were Japanese warriors under the bushido code of martial virtues (samurai meant “one who serves“). And those samurais without a lord or master, were called rōnin (浪人, drifter, wanderer or literally “wave man”).

Like samurais were meant to serve their masters, we are meant to serve our users. No masters, so ronins be it.

Pixels. A pixel is the basis for digital images, it represents a sample of the original image. However, one single pixel on its own is useless, no matter its intensity. Pixels need to group together to generate amazing results.

Like pixels, we work together to unleash our potential. As a team, so pixels be it.

This is our Way. This is our Code

A unified team

We always work together collaboratively as a single team.

Engineering with purpose

We believe in research and technological development as the first step to solving problems.

Passion for building products

We love designing, creating and improving our products. Extra TLC.

Code quality

We go nuts for beautiful code.

Giving back

We support and give back to the community through a 1% pledge and mentorship.

People over customers

We exist to support people, not users.

Knowledge as the foundation

We bring curiosity and exploration into further understanding this world.

Transparency by default

Information, as in a wiki, should be shareable by default.


Our commitment is to always improve and change for a better outcome.