Author: Iván García

dashboard hub origin

The origin of Dashboard Hub: Atlasboard

“Somewhere in La Mancha, in a place whose name I do not care to remember…” Wow, hold on …

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Dashboard Hub for Jira and Confluence now available for Data Center!

We couldn’t be more exited about this. Our beloved Dashboard Hub is now available for Data Center instances (Jira and …

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Meet Iván García Iturrospe
Company Update

Meet Iván! Our Product Marketing Ronin and Rookie

Hi, this is Iván. I am the new incorporation to the RoninPixels team. Let me introduce myself 😼 …

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Company Update

Meet Iñigo! Our Cloud Ronin and Resourceful Handyman

Well, there were some big news in Roninpixels the last days, but it is time to talk about …

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meet Javier coira
Company Update

Meet Javi! Our Software Ronin and Creator of Digital Worlds

Hi, this is Javi 🙂It’s already been a year since we started the RoninPixels adventure! I think it’s …

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custom charts

Is “Dark mode” better for your eye health? Which mode is better for work efficiency?

Better assume it, there are two types of people in this world. And we are not talking about …

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what is Scrumban
How To's

What is Scrumban? From a Jira beginner’s point of view

This article has been conducted according to “The Proposed L-Scrumban Methodology to Improve the Efficiency of Agile Software …

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