Meet Diego! Our Software Ronin and 12th player

Meet Diego! Our Software Ronin and 12th player

Meet Diego Rosado

Hello, this is Diego 🙂 I’ve been around the last month, so I think it’s time you know more about me!

Aupa Alavés! (Go Alavés) – I am the one on the right!

I was born In Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain), and since I was a kid I have been passionate about everything related to technology. This was because Olentzero (our Santa Claus) gifted me my first computer, a 25Mhz IBM with a turbo button to 66Mhz!

Another passion that has accompanied me since then is soccer. Saturday games were my best week day. Now I enjoy it through my 2 children.

I am an animal lover too, I can’t pass up the opportunity to pet a dog if I have it around! We can’t have a dog at home now but during many years, Bruce was our little child!

Bruce, our lazy handsome Bulldog!


I studied software engineering in the Mondragon University and had the opportunity to carry out the final degree project and get hired after that in Ibermatica. I enjoyed many years in this company from which I take many friends and experiences, which have made me grow as a professional.

Before joining the Appfire family I also worked for a short period of time at Tecnalia. Although it was not long, I had the opportunity to work on innovative projects. Nevertheless, I couldn’t resist RoninPixels’ call!

Top Travel

During these years in Ibermatica, I knew Alberto, a very good photographer who don’t really enjoy programming and finally leaved the company and dedicated himself to his passion, photography.

Here’s our App! Top Travel

He asked me to help him creating and mobile application to show the best places to travel around the world. This was my first approach to the mobile development and it was really enriching as we finally could publish our first android application!


Putting the best of ourselves, the best is yet to come. I am sure, with this team, we will do great things at Appfire!

We’re Appfire!

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