Meet Gerardo! Our React Ronin and One-To-Call!

Meet Gerardo! Our React Ronin and One-To-Call!

Geardo Felipe Conrado

Hi, I’m Gerardo and here’s my introduction so you know more about me! 😉

I live in the wonderful Canary Islands (Spain). If you don’t know them, they are like the Hawaii of Europe, with an almost perfect climate all year round, paradisiacal beaches, friendly people, and El Teide (the highest peak in Spain) where one of the world’s most important astrophysical observatories is located.

From a very young age, I always loved to disassemble all kinds of devices, technology, and science in general. So when I was 9 years old, my parents gave me a Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3 computer (which I still have), with an impressive 128 Kb of RAM! I developed several programs in +3BASIC, a chess game, tic-tac-toe, and even a chatbot! Since then, my passion for microelectronics and computing has been constant.

My career

After an attempt to do a degree in Physics at the ULL, I made a U-turn, and my professional career developed in the world of emergencies, as a paramedic in the Red Cross, ambulance coordinator in the 112 Emergency Center, and as an instructor. But over the years, computer science became my main dream again.

After starting my degree in Industrial Electronics Engineering at the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia and finding the subjects related to programming so fascinating, I decided to direct all my efforts on that path.

Instead of studying computer engineering, I opted for the more practical way, by continuing to be self-taught and doing a Higher Technician course in Multi-platform Applications Development, which led me to win my first hackathon, be selected to participate in a startup accelerator, give talks at international events and be part of the development teams that have helped me to be a better professional until today.

I have been working for years in consulting and have been fortunate to be involved in exciting projects, from fintech platforms to Web3 projects for natural disaster management, passing through supply chain optimization, and so on. During this period, I realized that the longer the project went on and the more my domain knowledge grew, the more my involvement in it was, so the idea of dedicating myself fully to product seeded in me.

Throughout this journey, I have made very good colleagues and friends, one of them has been Irene. She was the one that told me about this extraordinary company, with an environment like the one we always said we wanted to work in. Since the moment when she introduced me to the Ronins of Appfire, Gorka, Javi and Iñigo, I wanted to be part of the team.


But not everything in my life is software development. I am a person with many anxieties and with a strong volunteer character, so I continue to collaborate with Red Cross and preside a humble non-profit cultural association, which acts in different areas, making accessible classical music to all social strata, bringing new technologies to the elderly, collaborating with other local entities, etc.

Besides that, I am an animal lover and I have always had pets accompanying me in life. I currently live with Amelia (Meli), an 8 years old mestizo dog that I rescued from a shelter and that has me in love, but previously I had guinea pigs, parakeets, cats, and other dogs.

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