Meet Irene! Our UX Ronin and Pokédex

Meet Irene! Our UX Ronin and Pokédex

Meet Irene Rosell

Hi all! My name is Irene and I’m from Cádiz (Spain). From a very young age I was passionate about design, computers and video games.

In my earliest childhood, I loved creating ‘interactive video games’ with Powerpoint 95, designing magical worlds with Mariopaint on the SNES and playing all kinds of video games, especially Pokémon.

I was one of those girls who at 10 years old, was not able to learn the periodic table, but I knew perfectly the 151 pokémons of the first generation 🙄

Yep, that’s me!

My career

After university, I moved to England where I started my career as a Designer. Later on, I worked in several multinationals as a User Experience Specialist and Product Manager. It was on one of those gigs, Ingram Micro, where I met Javi :smile:

In the last 10 years, I’ve worked for all kinds of companies. From leading creative teams in the adult industry (…sexy :women_with_bunny_ears_partying: ), to developing applications for children to learn math and computational thinking.

I have designed applications for all types of devices, marketplaces, e-commerces, directed multiple advertising campaigns… I’m a mentor in some programming schools, I help junior profiles to find their first opportunity, and I also love giving talks in schools about women in technology.

But everything wasn’t going to be good… I’m actually very childish :teddy_bear: and pizza with pineapple seems like a good option for me:pineapple: :pizza: 🤷‍♀️

Baby & coding :baby: :computer:

When I became Nora’s mom I started studying programming and later I got my first job as a Front End Developer.

A few years later, after studying several masters and gaining experience as an entrepreneur at Smartwork, I now start my adventure at Appfire with great enthusiasm.


I’ll continue enjoying my family, watching Nora and Lupa (her dog sister :dog2: ) grow up, becoming a development ninja and an unbeatable Pokémon Master.

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