Meet Iván! Our Product Marketing Ronin and Rookie

Meet Iván! Our Product Marketing Ronin and Rookie

Meet Iván García Iturrospe

Hi, this is Iván. I am the new incorporation to the RoninPixels team. Let me introduce myself 😼

👆🏼 I always work in this mood


I started my academic life by studying the degree Leadership, Entrepeneurship and Innovation (LEINN) in Barcelona (Spain). I had to leave my hometown, Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain), to live by myself in a way bigger city as it is Barcelona. My University colleagues and I created a real limited company, so we could experience firsthand the challenges of a business and learnt from them. I networked with different companies and start-ups, and I got priceless value out of it. Nevertheless, while we were on a learning journey at Aalto University (Espoo, Finland) I made the decision to continue this way by myself, and I flew back to Vitoria-Gasteiz.

There, I entered The University of Deusto to study a degree on Management and Modern Languages, beginning a new adventure living in Bilbao (Spain). During this stage I was taught the complementary value to my LEINN background. With a mixture of practice, theory, attitude and a never-failing motivation, I reached the necessary preparation for beating any challenge.

Lone-Wolf practical path

Not to mention that I left LEINN with my own business goals and ambitions. Since then, I’ve been following a personal real-life practicing routine, carrying out different projects on my own. While at the University, I started an e-commerce business to keep on learning from a real business environment. Also, I got into Facebook Ads. Obviously, I failed 😹. I failed so many times that I will never forget anything I did wrong, and there lies my biggest strength. With the guidance of a business incubator, I was able to iterate accordingly and make the most of it.

Tiradisimo! was my first e-commerce project

I also started a local project that meant a lot to me. I went out to the streets and started looking for pain-points on my target public. Asked so many people and had so many conversations (dozens of notes 🥴 )… Because part of being a student is having a tight budget, so in order to build the MVP I needed to know everything about the market! I will carry out this project at due time, patience and no rush 🚧 👷‍♂️ I started two courses (while studying for the university) to guide me more, and I am very grateful for completing them because they led me to the next point.

TAGS was my second project. It involved dogs in certain way… Can you guess what was it about? 😉


That’s right. Thanks to completing these courses, I was chosen for an intership in RoninPixels. I entered the team with the position of Product Marketing Ronin, and I work directly with the co-founder and Product Ronin Gorka Puente. Before this, I didn’t know anything about the Atlassian ecosystem, but I’m starting to familiarize with it now. From the first day I felt welcomed, motivated and supported by the team, ready to achieve my marketing goals. As my fellow Ronins, I will break my back for the company’s vision, doing my absolute best on my part of this amazing project 😼

Near future

Referring to the future, I just follow the flow and live the moment. I’m learning and working hard at RoninPixels, while I enjoy the rest of my time swimming and playing Catan with my friends, having adventures with my dog Matt 🖤, and playing on my PlayStation 5. I love beating self-imposed challenges on my daily life, without blinding myself with my long-term goals. I find happiness and motivation in a realistic and gradual learning and improvement.

🖤⚡ My handsome and doggorgeous Matt


Shinzou wo Sasageyo / 心臓を捧げよ”Dedicate your heart”

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