Meet Javi! Our Software Ronin and Creator of Digital Worlds

Meet Javi! Our Software Ronin and Creator of Digital Worlds

meet Javier coira

Hi, this is Javi 🙂
It’s already been a year since we started the RoninPixels adventure! I think it’s time for me to introduce myself so you get to know me better. And why not, explain why I’m a “Ronin”.

The person

I am a boy born in Eibar (Guipuzcoa, Spain). Since my childhood I loved to build things (Lego, Tente, Mecano…), and as soon as I could, I began to program with my father’s Dragon32K and Amstrad CPC (in the 80s). Here you could already tell that he was a true Sōan-sha.

And, of course, I hit the NES first and then the Sega Genesis :video_game: I loved enjoying those pixel-based worlds more naively than anything else. So in my teens, I dreamed of being a pixel-based Sōan-sha, and creating my own worlds for others to enjoy.

And that’s how I got to the University of Computer Engineering, in Seville.

The professional


I took my first steps as a professional in 2005, starting to build a HIS (Hospital Information System) product at Telvent. I was mainly focused on the user interface, using a proprietary XML language.
In 2006, I leaped essential technology products, focusing above all on the technology that rendered those graphical interfaces … That is, to build systems, a maker, a Sōan-sha.

I’m still in love with XSLT! ❤️ 

By 2009, I was at the forefront of technology products as product manager and principal architect (integrations, server frameworks, and GUI framework, with all their plugins ecosystems).

In addition to building technology, I enjoyed research and implementing the best practices about teams’ productivity and technologies, not only in the groups in which I was directly involved but also in the rest of the company.


Over time, open-source technologies matured enough not to continue with internal products, so I moved on to other types of responsibilities as a technical reference in multiple projects, defining the bases on which to build both new products and projects.

The best thing about this stage of technology consulting is that it allowed me to travel a lot to solve problems on three different continents, something that enriched me on a professional and personal level.

Looking for my place

In 2016, looking to work on the product again, I leaped at INGRAM Micro, where I collaborated with some excellent professionals and kept up-to-date on technologies and methodologies.

There are three visionaries in this picture, I won’t tell you who they are 🙄

But I was still missing something more dynamic, more global, so in 2017 I moved to Comalatech, where I finally got involved professionally with the Atlassian ecosystem. Most importantly, I met Gorka and Íñigo.

By chance in life, I returned to consulting, now more like a business and process consultant at Deloitte, which gives me a closer perspective of what clients need in the real world, with its flaws and virtues, a little further from the ideal construction of programs and systems.

Having gained enough experience at the business level, in 2020, I decided to take a step towards something smaller, more personal, more technical, and at the same time more human: Manfred. So here am I again, back to work with Gorka on another adventure.

At this stage, with a team in the middle of the business consolidation process, I dedicated myself to recruiting tasks, solving the technical problems that we had dreamed of, and designing the ideal platform to connect employers and workers.

But something was going wrong. After many conversations with Gorka and Iñigo, we came to the conclusion that something did not fit us, that our kokoro was asking us for change.

Back to the origins?

After working on projects devised by other people, we decided to serve other daimyos no longer, so we will become on ronin.

All this with one goal: That our kokoro guide us on our way by making products and technology that helps our fellows seishin.

This is our way. This is our code. We are RoninPixels!


Hansei / 反省 “acknowledge my own mistakes and pledge improvement”.

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