We’ve Joined the Appfire Family

We’ve Joined the Appfire Family

RoninPixels joins Appfire

eh, what?

We’re excited and humbled for being the newest member of the Appfire family. When we started RoninPixels our dream was to help teams to be better versions of themselves, and doing it the way we love the most 💙, creating software products. Now, our dream has changed into something way bigger! And to be honest, we never thought of becoming part of a dream this big: Appfire, the banner we stand behind now.

Kai just got stronger than ever

Ok, awesome but, who is RoninPixels?

You probably didn’t know about RoninPixels, we’re a one year old company but hey! we’ve been around since 2013. We started in the ecosystem more than 8 years ago, and during this time we’ve created and launched more than 15 apps for Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket in cloud, server and data center… and RoninPixels is our solo gig ❤️‍🔥

I got to know Randall “thanks” to how the jet lag affects my sleep cycle. It was during an Atlassian Summit where the 9 hours of difference with my timezone (CET) made me wake up at 3 or 4 am. Randall and I used to wait in the door of the hotel fitness room until it opened, so we started to talk about common hobbies like fitness, wrestling or grappling. Then we saw each other in the Atlassian Summit and started to discuss about products and the ecosystem.​ And that’s the beginning of our story. Anyone that knows Randall has felt his energy and optimism, which is contagious! We couldn’t miss the opportunity to work with such a bright and positive person, so here we are 😸

Now look ahead because the best is yet to come.

The team: Gorka, Iñigo, Javi and Iván

Why we joined the Appfire family

There’s not only one reason, there are many reasons behind one of the biggest, if not the biggest, decision of our professional careers. Let’s mention the key points.

Experienced founders and their top teams

Great talent is scarce and the growth opportunities in a small startup cannot be compared to those of a company like Appfire. It’s not just the fastest-growing team of the whole ecosystem, but it’s also the biggest pool of highly skilled professionals. This brings a unique opportunity to work with one of the best teams in the international tech scene, experienced founders and their top teams, where we are going to grow professionally to a new level! We’re gonna learn how the best talent analyze markets, decide challenges, propose solutions, solve problems… What else could we ask for?

A culture we love and share

Many companies have great values but the real deal is shown in specific actions: Appfire joined the Pledge 1% movement in 2015 and this year they completed the four pledge types (1% of its equity, 1% of its employees’ working time, 1% of its profits, and 1% of its product). 

We love Appfire’s core values (Be Human is my favourite) but we love even more their actions! In 2020 they had donated over $1 million in employee time and free products and over $125,000 in donations to organizations such as Room to Read, the American Cancer Society, and many others. We always liked the famous quote posthumously attributed to Henry Ford “a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business,” and we wouldn’t be part of a poor business 😸

Speed up our product vision

We are going to speed up the vision for Dashboard Hub, enlarge it thanks to the team behind the largest portfolio of apps on the Atlassian Marketplace. Our capacities, resources, knowledge and infrastructure have multiplied overnight! It’s a product-lovers dream and a big bonus for our customers 💙: Data Center is already pending Atlassian’s approval, we’re on the works for the Cloud security programs and actively collaborating to bring awesome new integrations with big players!

Financial stability

The financial stability gives us the opportunity to be focused on what we love the most, which is creating awesome products that help people to instantly visualize their key metrics. We don’t have to worry about getting funds or loans, discuss with banks, paying salaries… Just build with passion, unleash our curiosity, research new ways to solve problems and build incredible solutions at scale.

How does this affect our users

Well, our team just multiplied and we’re hiring more core members for the product engineering team, so I can assure that it’s all benefits for our users:

  • We’ll be quicker delivering new features and fixing bugs (if any 😆). Our roadmap is gonna look busier than ever, you’ll see new product integrations, gadgets and metrics on a regular basis. Do you have a feature request? Contact us!
  • The performance and reliability will be backed by Appfire’s teams and infrastructure, scaling to customers of any size.
  • Our support will have (even) quicker response times thanks to Appfire’s amazing customer support, with a five stars support experience.
  • And everything backed by the whole RoninPixels team.

We want to thank our users for trusting us during these initial months, the partners that helped us without expecting anything in return and Appfire for sharing their journey with us.

Let us begin.

For additional information, read the full press release, visit appfire.com and read their blog post, or take a look at our apps on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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