Guest Post: A Jira Dashboard for Samurais… or Ronins

Guest Post: A Jira Dashboard for Samurais… or Ronins

jira dashboard black mode

Guest Post: A Jira Dashboard for Samurais

 In Jira Dashboards for Samurais we’ll learn what Jira Samurais use to build their dashboards. This is a guest post by Old Street Solutions, the team behind top apps like Custom Charts for Jira or External Share for Confluence.

Jira Dashboards for Samurais

“The dashboard for Scrum Masters? or maybe Scrum Samurais”

A powerful Jira dashboard with numerous integrations within the Atlassian ecosystem. Through Dashboard Hub for Jira, you’ll be able to access critical information in a centralized space. It provides custom dashboards for all your teams: Business, Agile Development, DevOps, IT Service Management, Sales, Marketing, etc.

jira dashboard black mode
Jira Dashboard for Agile teams

If you don’t know how to create a Jira dashboard in less than a minute, check this post out!

The main components of a dashboard are the gadgets, which are basically the elements that display the information you need, in the format you want.

Lights on? or Lights off? Ronin Dashboards offers both a light and dark theme depending on your preference. Let’s be honest, dark mode just looks super amazing. While most products are going for that similar bland white look, the dark mode does offer something different that feels mysterious and If you need a powerful and a cool looking custom dashboard then Dashboard Hub is the one for you.

Awesome Atlassian Integrations

Gadgets are small bits of a dashboard that easily display data. They are designed to get specific data to a specific source. Ronin Dashboards can integrate with the following Atlassian platforms: Jira Software, Service Management, Confluence, Insight, Statuspage, Opsgenie, Bitbucket, and the Atlassian Marketplace

Dashboard Hub gadgets
Dashboard Hub gadgets

Using the Dashboard Hub Connector App you can easily and securely retrieve information from some Atlassian cloud products like Jira (Core, Software, Service Management), Confluence, and Bitbucket (which includes Pipelines). You don’t need the Connector App to use Dashboard Hub but if you want to pull data from the other apps, then you need to install it. This is needed to bridge data from other Atlassian products, keeping users and security privileges configured on every instance. This means that users can access data from other Atlassian cloud products only if their Atlassian accounts have the right and sufficient privileges.

Dashboard Templates

Scrum Software Team – This template allows you to configure gadgets for sprints and keep all relevant information visible. The gadgets in this custom Jira template support the following practices:

Dashboard Hub - Agile Team dashboard
Agile Team dashboard

IT Service Management Team- Provides set of gadgets for all the activities that organizations do to offer IT support and services to customers and employees.

Dashboard Hub - ITSM dashboard
Jira dashboard for IT Service Desk Management

DevOps Software Team – Gadgets that help to monitor all the processes involved in the DevOps chain. By bringing together all the involved tools into a single source of truth, teams can deliver value quicker and in a more efficient way.

Dashboard Hub - DevOps dashboard
Jira Dashboard for DevOps teams

Atlassian Marketplace Partner – A set of gadgets to track, evaluate and report how your apps are doing in terms of sales, evaluations, reviews, active installations, users, downloads.

Dashboard Hub - Atlassian Marketplace partner dashboard
Atlassian Marketplace Partner Dashboard

Gadgets by Category

When creating your custom dashboard, the first step is to select the gadgets that meet your goals. To easily track your analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs) the right gadget is needed. Dashboard Hub provides an array of ready to go gadgets that are categorized depending on your team’s practice. Each of the gadgets is designed so that it can easily display and highlight the relevant information.

Scrum Software TeamIT Service Management TeamDevOps Software TeamAtlassian Marketplace Partner
Hall of FameSLA by ProjectDevOps Software Team templateAtlassian Marketplace Partner templateApp Distribution DataApp Sales
Pull Requests Team WorkloadService Desk QueueState of the Dev UnionVendor Cloud CancellationsVendor Aggregated SalesLast Sale
Open Pull RequestsCustomer SatisfactionPipelines HistoryVendor Cloud ConversionsVendor Distribution DataSales by App
Hall of ShameTime to First ResponseDeploymentsApp Cloud ConversionsVendor Total UsersVendor Sales
Sprint GoalsTime to ResolutionOn-call scheduleApp Cloud CancellationsApp UsersApp Active Installations
Sprint BurndownService StatusLast IncidentsApp Cloud RenewalsVendor Total Active Installations 
ReleasesCreated vs Resolved RequestsHistorical UptimeVendor Cloud RenewalsVendor Total Users by Type 
Sprint HealthAgents’ WorkloadJQL SearchVendor FeedbackApp Users by Type 
Resolved IssuesIT Service Management Team templateLast Failed PipelineApp FeedbackVendor Total Downloads 
Scrum Software Team templateIQL SearchOperations TeamEvaluations by AppApp Downloads 
Sprint BlockersSLA AccomplishmentOpen AlertsApp Aggregated SalesLast Reviews 

Conclusion: Jira Dashboards for Samurais

Ronin Dashboards for Jira offers very robust Jira gadgets that can retrieve data within Atlassian products. This is a great tool for teams that are embracing the Atlassian ecosystem. You don’t need to jump between different software to check the progress of your dev team or to check your app sales. A centralized hub with all the relevant information needed for a team’s growth and success. If you want to easily slice and dice information in a single space then check out this app.


  1. Loving the visual flair in the Agile dashboard, especially that percentage change indicator! ?

  2. Hey Dave!
    Glad you like it 🙂 If you miss a use case, gadget, metric, integration… just ping me and we can discuss it!

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