Dashboard Hub
for Jira and Confluence

Your visual data hub in Jira & Confluence. Instantly create dashboards with pre-defined templates, custom charts and +60 gadgets to visualize and report your ITSM, DevOps & Agile metrics.

Key Product Features:

custom dashboard jira

Dashboard Hub for Jira and Confluence

Integrate all your Atlassian suite: Jira, Statuspage, Opsgenie, Insight, Confluence Bitbucket and soon: GitHub, ServiceNow, Freshdesk

Custom Charts for your Reporting

Customizable charts with line, pie, bar and tile charts or tables. Customize colors, access aggregations to calculate sums, min or max values, average, etc.
custom dashboard confluence

Pre-defined dashboard templates

Use pre-defined dashboard templates and over 60 gadgets to create dashboards for ITSM, Agile or DevOps teams.
jira team sharing and integration

Team sharing and Integration

Create powerful dashboards that visualize, track and share organizational data and metrics across teams. Useful for Scrum and DevOps teams, ITSM teams, Marketing and more.
external share jira dashboard

External share

Share live dashboards metrics, notifications and reports to stakeholders and clients through secure and unique links, without access to your instance.
jira dashboard template

Enterprise ready

Built in enterprise features including support for unlimited horizontal scale, advanced permissions, audit log, multiple instances on one dashboard, cache, analytics and scheduled reports.
jira dashboard template

Confluence reports with charts and metrics (soon)

Insert your custom charts and key metrics directly in your Confluence reports via macros.
hybrid dashboard jira confluence

Hybrid Dashboard

Make the smooth transition to cloud by integrating Information from server/data center instances right into your cloud dashboard.

Integrate your data across these software products:

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Coming Soon:

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More Benefits

ITSM Teams:

Securely share insights with customers

ITSM managers and agents can easily share SLA reports to customers through a secure external link.

Automated quarterly reports (Soon)

Visual reports for agents, managers and customers reported automatically.

Improve service request responses

Access global visibility of data to gain deeper insights around issues and enable better planning, problem solving and team coordination.

DevOps Teams:

Keep track of CI/CD services

Never miss the results of your builds and deployments, so failures can be quickly identified and sorted out.

Centralize your services' alerts and incidents

Teams can better prepare, analyze and respond to incidents by having access to a centralized source of truth: Opsgenie, Statuspage, Bitbucket… all of them reporting in a single spot.

Agile Teams:

Relevant metrics for all teams

Customize dashboard metrics to suit the goals of all teams from software engineers, to marketing managers, service desk technicians and C-level managers.

External collaboration

Use shared dashboards to collaborate with all stakeholders, internal or external, through secure external links.

Project Management:

Centralized project management

Multiple development teams reporting in different instances can see the status and keep track of their projects or products in a central point: Dashboards.

Report quarterly releases

Managers can generate quarterly team reports on released (and active) projects. Eliminating the need to request manual reports from multiple teams and then consolidating the data.

Track team performance & reliability

Gain an overall or detailed view of your teams performance and progress when it comes to releases, delivery, open tickets and issues.

Product planning made easy

Easily access the insights and metrics needed to make informed product decisions such as new features prioritization, requirements, sprint goals and timing.

We help teams to be more productive.