Security Statement

Security Statement

Security Statement

This Security Statement applies to the products, website and apps offered by Ronin Pixels S.L. We refer to those products, websites and apps collectively as the “services” in this Statement. This Security Statement also forms part of the user agreements for RoninPixels customers.

Data Storage and Encryption in Cloud

Our services use and manage content (e.g., to configure your dashboards, for reporting, settings, datasources, gadgets, templates, etc.), and all this content is securely stored and encrypted in a cloud based storage system, with restricted access and a backup policy. 

People and Access

Access to RoninPixels’ technology resources is only allowed through secure connectivity (VPN, SSH, …) and requires multi-factor authentication. Our production password policy requires complexity, expiration, lockout and disallows reuse.

Our services have limited access to customer data, although they need to access public and private customer data, all data is obtained following the Atlassian Connect protocols (including public/private key based authentication) or other data providers secure connections.

Our global support team have access to our Cloud applications and may access customer data only for purposes of services’ status monitoring and performing, and upon customer request via our support system.

Third Party Services

Our services are hosted in Heroku, a cloud platform of Salesforce. You can find Heroku Security Statement here.

Our services also store some installation and configuration details on MongoDB Atlas cloud service. You can find security and privacy details here.


RoninPixels understands and is committed to the importance of ensuring the privacy of your personally identifiable information. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Reporting Security Vulnerabilities

We aim to create a strong security services, and because this is essential for us, we may need your help.

If you detect any security vulnerability, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our Support Systememail or contact form.